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Your monthly magazine deadlines

Keeping to your set deadlines each month for your magazine is key to ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

We understand that prices can change at the last minute and amendments to your property pages are essential; however, please note that all changes are carried out individually by members of the creative team – and of course, some changes take longer than others to complete.

Each month we work towards sending your final files in advance of the month-end date, in order to allow you time to arrange the printing of your magazine. Therefore, the earlier you can provide your copy and images, as well as approving and signing off your magazine, the quicker this can be achieved for you.

Delays can happen and we understand that these can often be unavoidable, but the creative team are proud of the hard work we do each month to deliver a high-end magazine for you – so please bear with us if requesting changes, especially if these are requested close to month-end.

Thank you in advance for your help and co-operation in ensuring a smooth delivery of your marketing materials going forward.

Also, keep an eye out for your March campaign choices, which will be launched on our new-look campaign website next week. It features a countdown clock to your next deadline on the home page – so now it’ll be even easier to remember when your deadline is!



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