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Your step-by-step guide to hosting the most patriotic coronation garden party

Flags and bunting at the ready!

A historic day in British history is just a few days away.

The eyes of the world will turn to our nation on Saturday, May 6 for the coronation of King Charles.

The colours of red, white and blue are expected to decorate houses, streets and pubs across the nation throughout the weekend.

Many will even try their arm at hosting their very own garden party, in true patriotic style.

If you are planning on inviting round your friends, family and neighbours to celebrate the big day, then here are a few tips on how to ensure your party is as memorable as the crowning of a new king.

Think about the food

While we may not all admit it, one of the biggest things we look forward to at a party is the food.

For the coronation, try to go as British as you can, while also crafting dishes that you can prepare in advance to reduce the amount of stress on you when hosting.

Old school picnic classics like cheese and crackers, savoury pastries and, of course, coronation chicken, are excellent choices.

How will people watch the ceremony?

Remember the whole point in this celebratory weekend is the momentous ceremony which will be taking place at Westminster Abbey.

Of course, the world will be able to watch as the ceremony will be televised.

If your garden party coincides with the time of the ceremony, make sure you have the right facilities in place for your guests to watch.

You could ensure your living area has enough seating for everyone, or could even go extra special and install a projector and screen in the garden to watch this historic event on the big screen.

Be ready for a long day

While the celebrations may start as a garden party, there is every chance that if people really enjoy themselves that the day could grow long.

Make sure you have plenty of lighting throughout your garden so when the sun goes down, people stay comfortable being outdoors.



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