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The Property Collection provides a selection of campaigns to choose from every month for you to use across all media platforms.

Each campaign is produced as an A4 window card and you can choose your marketing package each month. Here are some ideas of what you can request:

Interactive email footers

Receive your updated campaign each month on the footer of every email you send. This interactive banner drives traffic to your website, and is updated remotely in the cloud so the process is automatic and seamless.

Social media and portal banners

Keep your Facebook and other social media cover pages fresh with your latest campaign. With online property portals being the first place the majority of home hunters begin their search, it is imperative that you advertise your FREE property websites through banner adverts online.


We are here to support you in any mail dropping campaign you have, but you mustn’t forget to advertise the core message of your website and FREE property websites throughout all your advertising.

Window cards

We know that footfall in the high street is not as popular as it used to be, but don’t underestimate the human traffic that passes your offices. And what do you think they should be seeing? Properties? Or do they already know that you sell houses?

Shout about what makes you different in your windows with our bespoke seasonal campaign material. If you don’t shout about it, who will know about it? Don’t keep it a secret.

Property Collection give us a different identity and a different vehicle to what other agents do on pre valuation packs.



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Magazines & Newspapers

So your customers have an expectation from their chosen estate agent to publish their property in the local paper, but people aren’t looking through the paper in these modern times to be the first to see a property on the market - they are looking online.

Use this audience to promote your brand and unique selling points, ideally against a competitors advertising page to really show how you stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, a likely audience looking in the property section are unhappy vendors with their chosen agent... An ideal instruction winning opportunity!



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