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TPC “a complete marketing package that offers everything we need”

“We were very interested in what the Property Collection could potentially offer us,” says Gary Long, Director, Longsons.


Longsons are proud to offer honest advice for those thinking of selling or letting in the Swaffham, Watton, Dereham, Fakenham and surrounding areas. They recently signed up with the Property Collection and have already undertaken their filming; an essential component of their set up process.

But why join the growing number of agents signing up to the Property Collection? “We thought it gave us a unique selling point when we’re out there on appointments and the content they were offering, we thought was a no-brainer,” explains Kyle Clarke, Manager at Longsons.

“Another option there, is that we don’t want our competitors to have something that we haven’t got; we want to have something they haven’t got.”

Longsons are already embracing all the innovative marketing products on offer to them as a member: “We’ve already began to use the extra social media marketing, and we’ve had our first copy of the magazine which we’ve put out and about around the town,” says Gary. “And we feel already we’re getting people commenting and it really is making the difference.

“I do feel, now that we’re with Property Collection, being able to take out our magazine and the videos – and just the use of social media that we’re going to be able to demonstrate on a valuation, is going to make a huge difference.”

Great feedback! And it’s fantastic to see our new agents really embracing all that is on offer to them as a member – and incorporating them into their everyday business.

“The Property Collection gives us various USPs then to sell to the customer that we haven’t had previously,” says Kyle. “Why would you want to go anywhere else when you’ve got the best marketing, with the best content!

“The exclusivity is really, really important. The last thing you want, obviously, is for them to be offering the same product to every other agent in Swaffham, making it not unique any longer and of course any different to every other agent.

“That exclusivity is another reason why we’ve come onboard with the Property Collection.”

And Gary is equally impressed with the package available to them: “We feel it is a complete marketing package that offers everything we need for our marketing and plus an awful lot more; all in one, streamlined, easy-to-use package.”



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