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“The exclusivity of having the Property Collection is very important”

John Sear Estate Agents in Ongar, Essex, joined Property Collection in the summer of 2019.

Established in 1995, they are proud of their excellent service when it comes to buying or selling, with their professional and friendly staff being on hand to guide their clients through their property journey.

Many of our new agents join as a result of being recommended by one of our existing members – and this was certainly the case for John Sear Estate Agents, who were encouraged to join by existing member, Arbon & Miller.

“They [Arbon & Miller] were singing its praises and it intrigued me – the response that we may get from marketing that we haven’t used before, mainly social media,” explains John Sear, owner at John Sear Estate Agents.

“I can see the benefits that we can get from social media advertising.”

John also believes that the monthly magazines we provide – which has just been given a new-look and feel - are key: “I think the monthly magazine is a great vehicle for promoting our business and promoting the properties that are presently selling.”

Despite not previously embracing social media in their marketing, John is fully aware of the positive impact that this can bring to his business: “The Property Collection is a vehicle that I certainly hadn’t explored before, because I’m probably an old fashioned estate agent!” says John.

“I think there’s nothing like recommendation and obviously repeat business; and with social media – the way people use it these days – they like to show what they are doing and moving house is one of the most important things you’re going to do in your life.”

Along with all the innovative marketing materials that are available to John Sear Estate Agents from Property Collection as part of their agreement, there is one major element that has high importance for John: “The exclusivity of having the Property Collection is very important.

“It gives us that feeling and certainly the ethos that we are a special agent – and I do believe that. And it’s exclusively for the use of us, in this area.”  



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