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New Social Media Website Feature

Being an estate agent is a sociable business.

When buying or selling a property, more often than not, the vendor or buyer will choose an agent based on their interactions with your team. With an innovative idea from one of our agents, your clients can now virtually meet your team by clicking on individual links to your team’s social media pages from your webpage.

This way all your clients will be able to put a face to the name on the end of the other line, helping your team build rapport and trust… 

People buy people. It’s a fact. Most people, when thinking of selling, have multiple agents out. What if your valuers and negotiators had an upper-hand before they even stepped through the front door? That is exactly what you can get with our new website feature.

On your 'Meet the team' page, you can now have links to your team's social media pages. This way, before your valuers even go to the property, your client can already virtually meet your team. Helping build trust, before they even go out to the property. An easy and simple way to help them build that all-important instant rapport.

To get social media links added to your website, please contact us today!



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