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Meet our Billy!

He’d have Jeff Bridges, Taika Waititi and John Lennon as dinner guests and he’s also ambidextrous. But just who is our UK Performance Sales Executive, aka our Billy?

With a varied role, Billy is an integral part of the team here at the Property Collection. Primarily he is part of the performance team working with Client Performance Manager Gemma and Director Pip, however he is also currently involved with the social media aspects of the business, while supporting the design team in sending out final magazine files and campaigns.

Starting with us just over six months ago, how is Billy finding his feet? “I’ve settled into my role really well,” says Billy. “Everyone is friendly and easy to get on with, I felt like I was part of the team within my first few weeks and that’s only grown stronger with time.

Having such a varied role ultimately means being hands on with several areas of the business, but what does Billy enjoy most? “I enjoy most things within my role, however getting the opportunity to work with our agents and building that rapport with them is great.

“I like to be involved in as many parts of the business as I can, but I couldn’t do that without the support from the rest of the team. We each guide one another where we need it and I feel everything is a real team effort.”

Aww, we’re blushing, thanks Billy!

Now that Billy has his feet firmly under the table, what will the next six months with TPC mean for him? “I’m looking forward to growing and developing within my role; I feel that there’s the right support and guidance to build your career further at TPC,” explains Billy. “Everyone wants everyone to succeed so I’m looking forward to learning more and honing my craft within the business.”


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