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Making the most of social media

As a member of the Property Collection, you will already know the vital role social media plays in your success

Your unique selling point of having the marketing support from Property Collection is what is going to continue to set you apart from the competition; even more so now.

There has never been a more important time than now that social media can play in your success. With the whole country on lock down, there has been a rise in social media use with many opting to use it to gather research, keep the kids entertained or just to bring some light-heartedness into their lives.

That’s why we have increased your online presence over the last week, and we are now posting to your social media accounts every day. And it’s not all property related. We understand that your customers want to feel part of the community, so we are also sharing uplifting news, tips and ideas to help everyone cope that little bit better, right now.

If there is anything specific to your community that you would like the team here to post, then please raise a ticket we’ll do the rest.



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