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Make the most of video valuations

Many agents are making the most of the current economic situation by offering virtual valuations and viewings.

We know how important it is for you to be able to continue your business in these uncertain times, which is why live video valuations are an excellent way to continue client engagement when face to face valuations are not possible.

With this in mind, we have put together a handy guide that details everything your clients will need to bear in mind in preparation of putting their property on the market; from simple steps such as cutting the grass, cleaning the windows to staging rooms.

And with the news to stay home and stay safe, many will have time to do those small jobs that they have been putting off. Which is why, in your May magazine, there is also a double-page spread on getting a property market-ready.

Agent Harmes Turner Brown have already been reaching out to their clients, giving them help and advice as to how to prepare their homes for market. Take a look below at a live example from Harmes Turner Brown which is page-turning on social media and their website.

But how do you send us the video once you receive it from your client? Well, that’s straightforward! 

If you would like one of our handy guides and social media postings too, then just  raise a ticket at and the design team will work their magic on branding it in line with your logo and company colours.



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