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With the kids back at school, and summer over, now is one of the busiest times for estate agents. It’s a time to be grabbing as much business as you can, and that means valuations, which you can then turn into instructions…

However, valuations seldom just come to you. As with everything in life, you get out what you put in. And what your potential vendors want is something easy and simple. Which is why we have created this fully bespoke and branded leaflet with a QR code that takes your potential vendor directly to your website to book their FREE no-obligation valuation.

We have found our agents have had a huge amount of success by simplifying potential vendors ability to make a valuation request using the QR code on their websites, social media and in print, which is why we are now pushing this out onto leaflets too.

Once you have the valuation booked, with the innovative marketing products we offer, you should be able to push towards market share in your area ready for the end of the year…

For more information, and to find out how QR codes work, please contact us today.


01780 693293

Autumn Instructions leaflet with QR code

£49.00 Regular Price
£0.00Sale Price
  • This product is for design only and not print.

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