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Wow...what a year for property collection!

As you will all have experienced for yourself, our Craig Cook can certainly "talk the talk" about our products, services and future plans, and the results from our members this year has been in a Brexit dampening world, simply amazing, to see our clients "walk the walk"! 

We asked Craig about his reflections on 2019 and what we can expect for 2020:

"We are immensely proud of our extensive client base that has grown at a rate of a little over 50% versus 2018 new clients’ numbers. 2020 will see our client base complete the sale of all English and Welsh post codes and we may possibly complete Ireland and the islands of GB to become the largest business of our type by a country mile or so in the property industry. We expect to be marketing to over 2 million homes on your behalf driving traction to your brand by the end of this coming year. We have maintained our strategy of approaching and attracting a mature independent estate agent whom look to Property Collection to keep improving the recipe of success, rather than constantly looking for the next big thing that won’t exist. Our one stop shop of creative everything and differences is working as it is driving a consistent win.

Our biggest challenge is Property Collection Complacency and our obligation to drive Product Usage % to drive a successful performance. High product usage always produces market share growth. In 2018 we introduced the Performance Team and that resulted in much needed stickiness and usage of our products, software and services and in 2019 we introduced our office based Performance Team to manage your jobs in the ticketing system and we can see the improvement already.  Much more to do of course and learn, along with the growth of our highly skilled team of professionals delivering the day-to-day campaign synergy and daily marketing support for your brand.

2020 will see major changes for our clients as we drive enquiries to your doors.

New marketing services with Property Collection running marketing campaigns to your databases for prospecting for private landlords and vendors New products with the launch of our video text alerts for all parts of your sales process. After two years of development we will this year launch the Property Board which will deliver automated referral of buyers across England & Wales and the evolvement of our vendor and buyer websites. New Performance Team staff driven by Pip and supported by Gemma, full of experienced estate agent backgrounds, whom will actually run your marketing. campaigns as opposed to just symbiotic delivery to your social media, websites and digital platforms. Over the course of the year your Performance Directors will run events in your local area for PR explosions and traction to your ex-client base and existing client bases and to exploit your staff’s friends and family base across social media platforms.New websites for New Homes & Retirement villages will continue to be piloted and get ready for those sales enquiries in 2021 when we launch this as a separate marketing division within your offering. 

There will be no complacency at the Property Collection, just a bunch of paranoid Directors stretching out for our clients brand reach and a chasm of difference between you and your competitors. The phone call and email will be upon you all soon.”



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