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Updated stamp duty rates

The Stamp Duty holiday extension ended yesterday, however there are still reduced rates in place.

There's no doubt the Stamp Duty holiday helped the property market boom that is still happening, and even though the extension ended yesterday, there are still reduced rates in place that your customers and staff need to know.

From today, stamp duty will kick in above £250,000 at the following rates:

  • £0-£250,000 = 0%

  • £250,001-£925,000 = 5%

  • £925,001-£1,500,000 = 10%

  • £1,500,000+ = 12%

With these reduced rates in place until the 1st October 2021, there is still a benefit to buyers in place which should help keep the property market buoyant throughout the summer and into the Autumn.

To ensure your customers have the most up-to-date rates in front of them, we have a handy, fully-branded, social media post that you and your team can share on social media...

For more information about how we can help you, and to order your social media post, please raise a ticket and email



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