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Updated Easter Holiday Hours

Let your customers know when you're open this Easter

With Easter coming up, it's more important than ever to let your clients know when you are open. The long bank holiday is a perfect time for valuations, and there may even be some last-minute valuations with more people at home over the holidays. Likewise, with all the family together over a long weekend, it is the perfect time to spend the day viewing houses.

We know all estate agents are different, some stay open on at least one of the bank holiday days, while others are closed entirely, however, do your customers know? For example, are you taking viewings, doing valuations, or are you closed?

Here at The Property Collection, we can make it easy for you to let your customers know. We offer a social media post, as well as an update on your website for the bank holiday, so that your customers will know exactly when you are open this Easter.

To update your office opening hours, please click the link below and send us a ticket.



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