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Top tips for creating the best possible work-from-home space

Turning a spare room into an office may be a simple task, but it’s essential you get it right in order to maintain a healthy working environment at home

The amount of workers who now work from home has increased exponentially in recent years. In light of this, it is wise to ensure you have a steady and reliable work-from-home space in your abode.

Providing there’s enough room for all of the essentials, such as a filing crate, printer, scanner, or anything else, you’re good to go. Creating a workspace using a dividing wall in a living area, space underneath your stairs, or even a well-positioned and sized storage cupboard, can all be viable options also. One thing to keep in mind is that if your workstation ends up being in an area laid with carpet, then investing in a chair pad might be a good idea if you don’t want your carpet getting worn down and damaged by a rolling office chair day after day.

If you are persistently struggling with your wireless internet connection, a wired connection using an Ethernet cable would be a very wise solution. You should also make sure there are enough power sockets nearby to keep all of your electrical equipment plugged in. If there aren’t enough plug sockets on the walls, use a multiple socket extension lead to increase the number of sockets.

Tips for avoiding cabin fever:

  • Affording yourself regular breaks is a must, ideally outside. If you have a garden, great! If not, a simple stroll around the neighbourhood would be just fine for taking in that all-important, revitalising fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine.

  • Calming pictures or paintings can help create a calm atmosphere, and also provide a pleasant, professional background for work calls or zoom meetings.

  • Instrumental music quietly playing in the background can help you focus.

  • Try to position your workstation so you have a view of the outside world.

  • A lava lamp always helps to create a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Allow plenty of natural light into your workspace.

  • Keep the room well-ventilated.



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