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The Property Market so far…

What has happened in the property market so far this year…

Two weeks into 2022, and we thought it was time to look at what the early signs are for the property market.

More properties available

Seller numbers were up 21% on Boxing Day compared to 2020. This is a sign that homeowners looking to move have finally decided to take advantage of the post-Christmas surge. In fact, on the 30th December, Rightmove reported its busiest day for valuation enquiries since May 2021 and one of its Top Ten busiest days ever!

More properties will be a welcome relief to buyers who were finding themselves missing out on properties due to the competitive market, however…

Buyer demand remains high

Since Boxing Day buyer demand has remained high which is good news for sellers as property demand remains competitive which means that there is more chance to achieve asking price and above. More buyers mean more temptation from homeowners who can virtually guarantee if their house is priced correctly it will sell.

There is, however, still an imbalance between the number of buyers and seller which means that…

Average asking prices will continue to rise

Even with more properties coming to the market, the fact that there are still so many buyers means that house prices will continue to rise. Rightmove has predicted a 5% increase across the whole of the UK over the year.

To make the most of the busy start to the property market in 2022, we here at The Property Collection have a great selection of products to increase valuation requests, conversions and help you achieve market share in your area.



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