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“Social media marketing… second-to-none”

Property Collection caught up with Nick Butler and Brian Russell, co-owners of Russell & Butler, about their partnership with us.

As Buckingham’s only award-winning estate agents, Russell & Butler are proud of their unrivalled knowledge and experience.

Covering North Bucks, South Northants and North East Oxfordshire, their prominent office in Buckingham is open seven days a week, meaning that even the busiest of people can have an opportunity to pop in and discuss their property needs with them.

But why did they choose to join the Property Collection? “We came across the Property Collection by chance, and were impressed from the moment that we first met Craig,” explains Nick.

And one area that was key for Russell & Butler, was social media: “The social media marketing that they’ve done for us so far has been second-to-none; a much, much greater improvement of what we previously had and we felt very confident that that will indeed get us some business,” comments Brian.

“I also feel very confident that the marketing video that’s being prepared is going to be a huge success and I look forward to receiving many more instructions as a result.”

Another key area which attracted them to sign up, was the exclusivity offered: “Because the Property Collection offered exclusivity in the town for their products, we thought that enhanced our own strategy for systems and products that we’ve used in the past,” explains Nick. “Be it internet advertising, through emailing, texting property alerts: it seemed to fit in with our own ethos.”

Being a new member, the set up process can often seem daunting as there is lots to organise and do to set things up for success but we’re pleased to hear that they have found the process easy to follow: “We have found the set up with the Property Collection so far really, really impressive,” says Brian.

And Nick agrees: “We’ve been guided and supported by Gemma and the team there, at each step of the way. In fact, Gemma has been quite outstanding.”



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