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QR Code success and additional products now available

With the success of the QR codes in your windows and on social sites, we're having requests now to add the QR code to additional marketing products - boards, business cards, campaigns, magazines, etc.

Sometimes a product comes along that makes everyone ask, ‘Why weren’t we doing this already?’ This seems to be the case with the QR codes we have recently added to social media and window cards.

QR codes are so simple, yet so effective. They bridge the gap between client and agent, so that a customer can make an enquiry easy and fast without having to even make a call or type in a web address, which is why, as requested by our agents, we have now added new products which take advantage of the QR code such as:

  • Sale and Lettings boards

  • Business Cards

  • Monthly Campaigns

  • Monthly Magazines

  • And many more…

For more information, and to order your own bespoke, QR code marketing products, please raise a ticket today.



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