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Pre-valuation videos “going to have a massive impact prior to us meeting the client”

Independent and with over 35 years’ experience, Bee Residential recently undertook their filming with the Property Collection.

Offering a friendly and down to earth, personal service, Bee Residential are a perfect match with the Property Collection: “We decided to join the Property Collection because we were very impressed with the professionalism and the look of the social media sites.,” says Lisa McNamee, Sales Manager, Bee Residential.

“First impressions of the Property Collection were that they were a very friendly, down-to-earth team; a bit like ourselves really. They made us feel at ease.

“Being a new company, it’s important to have every area covered and as we are busy with the new instructions, it just eases the pressure when the Property Collection look after our social media and websites.”

Despite having only recently completed their filming, Bee Residential are already seeing the benefits of their partnership with Property Collection: “We can already see the impact that it is having with the amount of likes we are getting and new members to our page, so we’re very excited,” explains Lisa.

“Exclusivity was massively important to us. Being a new company, we didn’t want anyone else to have what we have.

“Gemma has been a massive support to us at Property Collection; regular emails, phone calls, always answering the phone out of hours when we’re not sure what we’re doing. The team have been fantastic.

“We are very excited about using our pre valuation videos; no-one else does this in the area and we think it’s going to have a massive impact prior to us meeting the client.”

Great news and all of us here at the Property Collection wish them every success as they fully embrace the marketing products on offer to them.


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