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On TPC products: “We got very excited about what it might do for us”

A full-service estate agents covering Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland, Woodford & Company talk to us about why they signed up.

“We were very impressed with the Property Collection presentation when Craig came to see us,” says Chris Woodford, senior partner at Woodford & Company. “We got very excited about what it might do for us.

“We’re very aware that social media and marketing via the internet are playing a larger and larger part in the way all businesses operate, in particular our own industry and we were falling short of where we needed to be on that front.”

But it wasn’t just the social media aspect that attracted Woodford & Company to sign up, as Chris explains: “It was important for Woodford & Company to have exclusivity for the post codes in which we operate because we feel it is a unique tool and we didn’t want the competition getting their hands on it!”

Indeed, exclusivity is just one of the key benefits of being a member, but there are many others too: “The tools they give us to help us do our job will be quite apparent to our client; the little video booklets, with the client testimonials on, will be very important I think,” enthuses Chris who is positive about the success using these will bring: “I hope it will help us maintain our number one position.

“There’s more and more competition coming into this town and via the internet generally with online agencies. But I don’t think you can beat the old fashioned service, coupled with the new level of social media marketing.”



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