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New home registrations soar 80% in past decade

According to the National House-building Council (NHBC) over the last ten years there has been over an 80% rise of new home registrations in the UK

In 2019, 161,022 homes were registered with NHBC – which is an 81% increase on the 88,849 homes registered in 2009. As a result, this has made 2019 the strongest year for new home registrations since 2007.

The report shows that the growth was driven primarily by London, where the increase in new home registrations increased by 37%.

In addition, the completion of 150,436 new homes in 2019 was slightly higher than those completed in 2018: 149,702.

The Build to Rent sector also saw a positive increase in 2019 with a 57% increase in registrations compared to the year before. 

“It is great to see the resilience of house builders over the 2019 year,” comments NHBC chief executive Steve Wood. “This momentum needs to be maintained as we enter a new decade, with the industry ever-more focused on quality and fire safety.”



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