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New Home moving rules due to Covid...

Updated Government guidelines are now in place for home movers

Keeping your customers up to date with recent guidelines is so important to ensure a smooth move when the date finally comes. And with recent government guideline changes, we thought it was worth breaking the new rules down.

Under the new rules, anyone who isn't full vaccinated is legally required to stay home and self-isolate for at least five full days if someone in their household tests positive, and this is still in place even if it means missing a moving in date, whether purchase or rental.

However, if someone tests positive in a household yet they have been fully vaccinated, they can keep with their original moving date. They are however 'strongly advised' to take a lateral flow every day for seven days.

The new guidance applies to both buyers and renters aged over 18 years and six months, however those under that age do not have to follow them. The rules affect those who are not fully vaccinated, which is defined as having both doses of a two dose vaccine.

For full up to date details, please follow the link below.



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