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Kick-start your year with bumper instructions

Start 2022 as you mean to go on with an increase in valuation conversions

It’s a new year. The festive season is over and it’s time to kick-on with valuations. With the end of the festive season comes the usual new year increase in valuation requests, however, there is a gold mine sitting in front of you already which means you don’t have to simply wait for new requests to come in.

Scour through whichever CRM system you use for 'house to sell' potential vendors from last year. Just because they weren’t ready at the time doesn’t mean they’re not now. And if you have already been around to see them, even better. They are primed and ready to move so it is simply a case of getting in first.

And with the wide range of products available to you as a member of The Property Collection, including Brand New websites, bespoke campaigns, local and general daily and weekly blogs, a monthly magazine, custom mailers, individual property websites for your clients to share on social media, and many more, wow potential vendors with your exclusive and unique selling points in your local area.



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