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How to host the ultimate 2023 Wimbledon watchalong party

Wimbledon time is swiftly approaching and we simply cannot wait! It is the tennis tournament which grasps the attention of the world of sport. The London-based tennis tournament is set to begin on Monday, July 3, and will be two full weeks of fascinating action, including men’s, women’s and doubles tournaments. Why not make this year’s tournament that little bit more special by hosting a watchalong party with friends or family?

Here are a few tips to ensure your Wimbledon party is a hit!

Get the food just right

One of the most important features of any party, regardless of the theme, is what food and refreshments you are planning on serving. Luckily for Wimbledon fans, there are some foods which come hand-in-hand with the tournament. No summer party watching the tennis would be complete without some strawberries and cream, while a savoury option could be a platter of finger sandwiches with different fillings, such as smoked salmon, roast beef and horseradish, and prosciutto and basil. In terms of drinks, then a jug of fruit-filled Pimms is the way to go, or afternoon tea for those who are not drinking alcohol.

Play around with the dress code

A Wimbledon party would not quite feel right if you and your guests are just sitting around watching while wearing everyday clothes, so instead perhaps you should dress up. Those attending the tournament will be wearing their finest dresses and shirts, so you could set a similar dress code for your guests to really get into the mood.

Where to watch Wimbledon 2023

Of course, the most important part of a watchalong party for Wimbledon is to know where you can actually watch it on the television. The BBC will be your best friend throughout the whole of the competition, with matches shown across BBC One, BBC Two and on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website.


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