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How to host the most unforgettable Eurovision party ever as the competition heads to the UK

There will be celebrations up and down the country thanks to this musical extravaganza

Parties are expected to be held in households across the country as the UK hosts the 2023 edition of the Eurovision song contest. The final of this year’s contest will be held on Saturday, May 13 and will be televised across the globe from the Liverpool Arena.

Exactly 26 acts will take to the stage to perform, including the UK’s entree Mae Muller.

This annual event boasts a true cult following, with many hosting special watch parties with friends and family.

If you are making the most of the UK hosting this beloved competition and want to throw your own Eurovision themed party, here are some top tips.

It is all about the music

Sometimes deciding on a playlist for your party can be tricky, however a Eurovision party does not have this issue.

Luckily, the whole show revolves around a list of songs being sung by the performers.

Find a playlist of these tracks on your music streaming platform of choice and put it on loop throughout the evening.

Food for thought

Having a good food offering is crucial to ensure your party lives long in your guest’s memories.

With the whole theme of Eurovision being a showcase of talents from so many different countries, you could lean into this theme by putting out a platter of different cuisines.

For example, you could put out a cheese plate, with a variety of cheese from the different countries competing.

You could put out camembert for the French, a nice Italian gorgonzola and of course a good bit of Red Leicester or Cheshire for the English.

Give your guests something to cheer for

Get everyone really in the mood for the main show by assigning each guest a country to support and cheer on.

You could do this on the night by randomly pulling countries from a hat, or in advance to give your guests the chance to dress in a theme of their country.


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