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Have you removed yourself from any portals?

Here at TPC headquarters we’ve been hearing a lot about agents leaving some of the major online portals

If you are one of the many agents that are currently taking stock of how to make the most of your marketing in times such as these, and have served notice on portals such as Rightmove, please let us know.

We can remove any portal logos from your website that are no longer applicable. Just raise a ticket we’ll do the rest.

In particular, we know that Rightmove is undergoing a backlash in response to their (lack) of empathy of estate agents, at what is a difficult time for all.

We loved this analogy we found on social media which emphasises how you can choose to really utilise your website and social media to get your marketing message across – instead of paying fees to the likes of Rightmove.

"You have four cars. Things being tight, you get rid of three. That last car you've held on to represents your own website, the other three were the main portals that are absolutely of no use to you for the foreseeable future. You still have a means to get around and a pretty low cost one at that!"



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