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Government Update

It’s been a quiet week in regards to new announcements from the government.

The stats are frightening with the new figures coming out daily, however, there is still light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine being rolled out. For now, the message is simple. Stay at home and only go out for essential journeys.

There are a few questions we are all waiting to hear the answers too…

  • Will the Stamp Duty Holiday be extended?

  • When will the schools go back?

  • How long will the vaccination rollout take?

These are the questions we will report the answers to as and when we have them… but for now, one of the most important messages at the moment is to look after yourselves and friends and family.

With the grey weather and shorter days, people are struggling with their mental health. With this in mind, we will be providing blogs and posts to support your communities on a weekly basis with ways to stay positive at this time.



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