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Family praise a true National Hero

Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died with coronavirus earlier this month, has left "a legacy he could never have imagined", his daughter has said.

Captain Sir Tom Moore was a true national hero. His sad passing on the 2nd of February shocked the world. The 100-year-old Army veteran, who raised almost £33m for NHS charities by walking laps of his garden, died in Bedford Hospital on 2 February.

Hannah Ingram-Moore said her father had been determined to beat the virus and continue raising funds. "For him, this was all about 'tomorrow will be a good day' and being hopeful."

Capt. Sir Tom had tested positive for COVID-19 the week before he was admitted to hospital. His family said due to other medication he was receiving for pneumonia, he was unable to be vaccinated.

Hannah described him as "everything - he was the noise, he was the reason almost everything we've done together in the last 13 years as a family has centred around what he needed, because his needs were different."

However, she said her father would not have wanted the family to grieve, and he himself had remained positive to the end, believing he would be returning home.

Capt. Sir Tom will forever be in our hearts and was an inspiration to young and old. He will not be forgotten and is a constant reminder of the good in this strange world…


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