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Checklist of things you need to remember to pack for your next big family picnic

Make it an occasion to remember by having all of the essentials

In the summer time and when the weather is fine, many of us will consider packing up lunch and heading to a local green space for a good old fashioned picnic.

These social occasions are equally as enjoyable and memorable when spending them with friends or family.

So, if you are planning on heading out for a picnic this year, here are a handful of things you should remember to pack.


Let’s face it, aside from spending time with our loved ones, most of us are only attending picnics for the delicious food on offer.

To make sure your picnic is as memorable as it can be, make sure all are catered for, including thinking about those with dietary requirements, such as vegetarians or vegans.

Outside of these requirements, ensure there is a wide selection of savoury snacks, as well as the odd sweet treat.

Added comfort

While it is enjoyable to be outside in the warm weather, the hard ground can still be uncomfortable if sat directly on the grass.

Instead, consider taking along as big of a blanket as you have, although you may want to avoid taking your finest blanket as it could get tattered and muddy.

For added comfort, you could even take a few throw pillows to pass around, camping chairs to be able to sit up properly or even fold out tables, to give the food some height from the ground.


Adding a game or two to a picnic is sure to be fun.

You do not have to go over the top with a full cricket set or a net, as there are so many games that can be played with a simple ball.

Alternatively, you could get creative with bean bags for throwing around, hula hoops for skipping or even a rope for a competitive game of tug-of-war.


While a big theme of a picnic is trying to be carefree, it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy for any outdoor occasion.

Afterall, you never know what might happen when people start running around and playing games.


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