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Brand-New Video-based websites - Part Two

Today we continue to look at our brand-new websites available to you

Following on from part one we published on Tuesday, today we continue to look at the brand-new features and innovations of our/your brand-new video-based websites. The design and functionality of these websites has been the largest investment in the history of The Property Collection.

Monthly Campaign

One feature we wanted to enhance in this upgraded website was the prominent presence of your monthly campaign, so we have added a new campaign banner at the top of the home page that we will automatically update for you each month.

Categorising your Services

We understand from your feedback how important it is to have a structured user journey on your website. Our new site structure allows us to group all your relevant pages into one category, for example, Sales in the visual to your right. This will ensure your services are much easier to find for every market and type of visitor.


A new feature with this FREE website upgrade is the ability to have download pages within each service. Whether it’s a sales brochure, or advice on preparing your house for sale, your website visitors will be required to enter their name and email address to download the file, thus allowing you to collect more data to follow up on sales opportunities.

Navigation Valuation Button

To win valuation requests you need to include ‘calls to action.’ We have devised a clever use of advertising space with our new ‘FREE MARKET APPRAISAL’ call to action on the drop-down menu. The prominent design and reinforcement of branding means no stone is left unturned for the the opportunity for a valuation request.

For more information about how The Property Collection can help you win market share in your area, please click below.



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