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Benefits of TPC? “Everything is seamless, which makes our lives so much easier.”

Established in 1971, Adrians is one of the most successful, independent estate agents in Chelmsford city and the surrounding villages.

Having recently joined the Property Collection, they have now completed the filming needed for success with Property Collection’s core marketing products. So, why did they become a member?

“We felt that, whilst we are an established company, and people know us locally, we always have to be looking forward so we thought looking at the Property Collection would give us a more modern approach,” explains Ray Cline, Director, Adrians.

And Director Nigel Jessup agrees, saying that it was key for them to keep ahead of technology: “We wanted to engage with the younger generation and also keep Adrians up to date with everything that’s going on in the world; the social media aspect to us is very, very important.

“The monthly magazine is very, very important. Estate agency is growing; the online presence is growing. We must grow with it and change with the times.”

With an enthusiastic and highly experienced team, Adrians’ experience, professionalism and knowledge of the area means that they are able to provide the best possible service to all of their clients. And they are looking forward to seeing the success a partnership with the Property Collection will bring: “It’s important that we’ve got someone on board that means that we’re doing different things from other agents in our town,” says Ray, “because the business is all about competition, and that’s why we chose the Property Collection.

“With the Property Collection on board – and the fact that we are modernising our marketing I think is important when a seller is making a decision as to which agent they are going to use, that not only are they focusing individually on their property, but also the company’s brand because it all creates leads and enquiries to their property.”

Nigel agrees and says that having a dedicated marketing team such as Property Collection, makes the marketing process much smoother: “Because, bottom line, everything is seamless, which makes our lives so much easier."



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