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Are you up to date with the guidance for house moves and how they can help you win instructions?

The end to restrictions was a few week's ago, however, have you checked you're following the most up-to-date guidance for the property market and how to use it to your advantage to win more instructions?

As well as an end to restrictions on the 19th July, The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government issued new guidance to home movers and estate agents. So, here is an up to date breakdown to ensure you are following the current guidance.

Property Viewings

The government still recommends virtual viewings where possible before an actual viewing in person. This can be a great aid and marketing tool to save your team time before leaving the office to do a viewing in person. Time that could be spent making more calls and dealing with vendors and potential vendors.

Viewings can take place though, as long as the viewer is not self-isolating, and although it is no longer mandatory, face coverings are still recommended, and in fact, home owners can specifically request all viewers to wear one. Likewise, the homeowner can also place a limit on how many people are allowed in their home at one time. By offering these options to a vendor from day one, it will show that you care about their wishes.

Completion and exchange

When talking to vendors and potential vendors, it will be beneficial to tell them early on about agreeing amicable arrangements to change completion dates at short notice if someone in the chain has to self-isolate or tests positive. This will help later down the line, so they are prepared for if someone does test positive, so it is not a potential nasty surprise as the deal gets closer to completion and the dates need to change.

It is now up to the individual regarding social distancing and measures in place, however, both vendors and buyers need to be aware and keep following safe hygiene practices which can be promoted by your team.

Agents that are known to follow these steps, will promote a caring for clients that those who don't won't be able to provide, and in these times, that could be the difference in winning an instruction.

For full up-to-date details, please follow this link -



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