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Are you prepared for the busiest month of the year?

According to Rightmove, March is the busiest month for buyers and sellers. Are you ready?

For the past five-years, according to Rightmove, March has been the busiest month for sellers and buyers, closely followed by April. Are you, as an estate agent, fully prepped and ready?

Go through your 'house to sell' clients on your database

It's more than likely that a number of the properties that will come to the market over the next few months are already on your database. How annoying is it when one of these suddenly appears on Rightmove, and you can see them on your database, and they haven't been called for months?

To have a bumper month of listings and sales, be proactive. Print out a list of the database of 'house to sell' applicants, and give them out to your negotiators and valuers, and demand a minimum number of calls per day. By being proactive now, you will reap the rewards over Spring. Who knows, the applicant on the other end of the line, may just be waiting to call another agent for a valuation, when you call them yourselves.

At the same time, by using your CRM system, you can get a list of people you know who are already looking for a property like theirs, so you can go in with the angle of already probably/potentially having their buyer. By concentrating on building some chains as opposed to selling properties to first-time buyers straight away, you can get two or more fees instead of one.

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