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“All the products Property Collection have provided us with have all worked”

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Having signed up with the Property Collection almost 18 months ago, we caught up with Richard Harmes about our combined success.

“Dealing with the Property Collection has been very easy. They’ve given us some new tools to work with,” says Richard.

“The support there has been very good; it’s been a good working relationship from the word go.”

Great to hear Richard, thank you! So, what’s working for Harmes Turner Brown? “All the products that the Property Collection have provided us with have all worked; there’s not one tool that they’ve given us that gives us a single advantage; the whole thing works,” explains Richard. “The video cards, the magazines, social media and personal websites that we can give people to share.

“It’s certainly given us the opportunity to get more valuations and made us a more appealing agent to instruct when going on a market appraisal.”

This is a clear indication that using all the products on offer from the Property Collection really do bring results, as Richard explains further: “We’ve seen an increase in business levels even at our Walton office – even in this tough market, so it must be working.

“Our share can only increase in this branch here in East Mosely because it’s only a year old; but certainly, at the Walton office, we’ve cemented ourselves as one of the premier agents in the town which is quite competitive.

“We’re looking to increase market share, turnover and I’m sure we’ll be successful with the utilities we have with the Property Collection.”



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