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A Unique Editor

Meet Jon Wheatley, our editor and ex-estate agent, whose mission is to take the jargon out of the property market

Four years ago, I was the Senior Negotiator and Sales Team Leader for the market-leading estate agent in Peterborough. Nowadays I am the Editor for the Property Collection, which includes creating the wording for your campaigns, writing marketing and blogs for your social media and website, and putting together the monthly magazine with help from a team of professional copywriters.

It is this unique career path that puts me in the perfect position to write about the property market, having been an agent myself for a good period of my career. I understand the lingo, I know what a chain is, I know how important it is to sell before buying, and with these unique insights, and many more, I am in the perfect position to put into words clearly and concisely what your potential vendors need.

It is also why the Property Collection are the perfect company for all your marketing needs in the property market. With our talented team of graphic designers alongside video creation experts and our team of copywriters, we know what you need to reach market share in your area.



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